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What We Can Do For You

We specialise in out-of-the-box qualitative and quantitative research – often combining traditional and new age methodologies to create the perfect solution. We do not sit in an ivory tower and produce a printed report, we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to get you the insights you require to grow and expand your business. With direct access to African field teams, telephonic teams, web & mobile survey platforms, analytics teams and experienced consultants, we get you the insights you require, we will show you how to “fish where the fish are and fish with the right bait”.

Universe Understanding

The first key step for you is to understand the “size of the prize” via a universe census.  A census can be desk based, physically measured on the ground or purchased from strategic partners that already cover the continent. Your universe understanding is the building block for all research methodologies to be conducted. It is key to understand your universe size, characteristics, channels, competitor brands and pricing, market share, route to market systems, supply and distribution and customer behaviours to target new customers and opportunities. Understand the size of your prize = Where to Play?


Customer and Channel Segmentation

Segmenting and profiling your customers and distribution channels are the key to unlock the growth potential in new customers and new channels. Let us assist you to find out where they live/work, where they buy/stock, what else they buy/stock, why they buy/stock, how much they buy/stock, what they like and dislike, what are their needs and wants, brand loyalty,  preferred marketing and advertising awareness. Understand your customers and distribition = How to Win?


Distribution (RTM) Analysis

Your business has many internal business units, ranging from a head office to factory to warehouses to wholesalers to resellers to retailers and onto the customers. By researching and analysing your brands distribution along the RTM journey to the customer, you can control and have a “line of sight” into your brand, price, competitor activity, distributor satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Measure your RTM along all touch points = How to Win?


Geo-Mapping & Spatial Visualisation

Viewing your internal information and our market research insights via interactive google maps is the new excel charting. Geo-code your universe, customers, distribution, products and competitors to an interactive google map. Overlay updated demographic and population data sets, internal sales data, competitive research data, market pricing and brand perceptions. Identify hot-spots, areas needing attention, green/white space, sales opportunities and route or navigate your teams to the new business. Visualise your business = How to Win?


Methodology Tracking

Ensure all primary and secondary data collection and market research methodologies are not just once off but tracked over time to ensure change is actioned and market insights are relevant. Your finger should be on the pulse of your business all the time to mitigate threats and identify opportunities. Tracking all research = How to keep on Winning?